Chappel Chocolate House

Loose Dark Chocolate Brittle (Vegan-Dairy-free)


54.5% Belgian Dark Chocolate Brittle Bags in assorted Flavours. Suitable for Vegans.

Pick n Mix from our wide selection of flavoured brittles to make up a bag of all your favourite flavours.

Unless otherwise specified all chocolate brittles will be packaged together in one bag so please advise us of any packaging requirements.


Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring). contains cocoa solids minimum 54.5%, 100g

Peppermint: sugar fondant: water, peppermint oil (Contains soya, and may contain milk & nuts )

Walnut: Chopped Walnuts (Contains nuts and soya, and may contain milk)

Hazelnut: Chopped Hazelnuts (Contains nuts and soya and may contain milk)

Crystallised Orange: Chopped Crystallised orange, orange oil (Contains soya, and may contain milk and nuts )

Honeycomb : Sugar, Glucose, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, raising agent (Contains soya, and may contain milk and nuts )

Rum and Raisin: Sugar syrup, Rum, Raisins (Contains alcohol, and soya, and may contain milk and nuts )

Raisin, Orange, Chilli and Nutmeg : Raisins, Crystallised orange, Chilli flakes, nutmeg (Contains soya, and may contain milk and nuts )

These chocolates may also contain traces of nuts and milk.
All of our products are manufactured in a non nut-free environment, so we cannot 100% guarantee that the chocolates are completely nut free.